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  Coast steering Coasteering Experience (North & South West Wales)  Coast steering

A 'must-do' activity - 100% satisfaction guaranteed - a fun way to see and enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in South Wales, or the Anglesey coastline in North Wales. 

Spend approx 3 hours (time flies when you're having fun) traversing rocks, swimming between gaps, playing team games such as the 'washing machine' and the 'angle run', cliff jumping (choose your own comfortable height that suits your nerve) and exploring caves - try not to get washed out to sea! Trust us - we haven't had a single person who hasn't thoroughly enjoyed Coasteering, a great group adventure activity, even suitable for non-swimmers. In South West Wales, the session includes the Blue Lagoon Challenge (3 tiered jumps and the 45 degree slab run). Cliff jumps are optional! Coast steering



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